NOIR @ Velours Tokyo

Last Saturday we attended a NOIR Tokyo party at most fashionable and our favourite Tokyo's club, Velours. It is placed in a very good location, near Omotesando, in neighbourhood of Prada, Issey Miyake, Cartier and many other high-fashion stores. At the evening when all the shops are closed, window displays look so pretty, we always enjoy walking the way to there. Ila loves to put on some Korean music she's crazy about and we walk laughting like two youngsters going out for the first time.

Velours is a place where many fashion brands, magazines and artists make their events, also, Tokyo's fashion week's after party was organized here.

NOIR is a cyclic event with such a big DJ's like Vivid and DJ Attikus. This time NOIR was supported by Ciroc and Artrick model's agency where also Ila belongs to. The meaning of "noir" is "black" in the french language, that's why the theme and the dress code of the night was black. "NOIR - Forever in black", the night to show the sexy and luxurious part of you. Party theme matches perfectly the classy venue that is Velours. But in every party the most important are people and this time we can say it loud - people were crazy! The music, fashion, temptation, glamour, the heat - that night seems like we truly lived the words - forever in black, forever in night. Everyone was smiling, everyone was having fun - it was such a good party!

But we don't attend events just for fun. We love to watch people's clothes, bags, shoes - all the small details which makes the look so fabulous!

Some photos with Noir's black label are taken by our good friend Fumiya. He's very talented photographer. Check out his website here!

Ciao ciao pa pa!



Vogue Fashion's Night Out Japan 2011

ILA with Roberto Cavalli

Designer Shibuya Zarny with Anna Dello Russo

POLA with Rumi Neely and Bryan Boy

Last weekend there was a huge fashion event in Tokyo - Vogue's Fashion's Night Out. But this year's FNO was very special because all the chief-editors of Vogue magazine came here to show a support for Japan. Also, the most famous fashion bloggers from whole over the world attended the event.

The day before FNO by accident I bumped into Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely in the middle of Shibuya. I was so excited to meet them in person since I've been always a big fan of their blogs.

November 5, the FNO's day, Ila had a great opportunity to meet Roberto Cavalli at the opening of his new store in Omotesando. As he is Italian, they shared a very warm moment together and she almost felt as if she's back at home in Italy. Then she was also able to see Anna Wintour enjoying the collection's presentation at Tod's.

As Ila said: 'it wasn't just about shopping. It was the creation and art which made the enjoyable atmosphere in the streets. Music performances, colorful shop's displays and the presence of the most famous fashion's people made this day unforgettable'.

At the opening ceremony it was said: 'We need to do something for Japan. To bring smiles to Japanese people through fashion. Fashion has to do something.' And thats exactly what we, Ila and I, want to do through our blog. To inspire. To bring smiles on people's faces.

While Ila was running whole day around Omotesando-Harajuku's area, I attended only after parties at Velours and Le Baron de Paris, two leading fashion-night-life clubs of Tokyo. But looking how motivated Ila came back from FNO I have to say, I'm going to take part in every single fashion event next year.

Ciao ciao pa pa!